August 9, 2017

Omaha, NE – Brad Ashford called for a bipartisan approach to helping solve our healthcare issues in response to the Senate version of the American Health Care Act.

Ashford stated, “We are not going to find the solutions that benefit the broadest range of people until we can come together and work on an issue as large as healthcare. The dramatic cuts to Medicaid will force an overbearing burden upon our State budgets across the country. This bill will not deliver on addressing costs for healthcare consumers and continue to drive up costs. It continues to leave people with pre-existing conditions tied to an unknown fate, which is unacceptable. As I have continued to say and have a record of doing, until we work in a bipartisan manner to solve the pressing issues of our time, we will continue to come up short for the people of Nebraska and America.”

The Senate version of the American Health Care Act was unveiled today. Included within the Act is a measure to substantially cut Medicaid to States, leaving them to solve the issue on their own.

“It is terribly counter-productive that Senate leadership is looking to ram this bill through with little to no public input and the indication is to have a vote within a week of the bill’s release”, Ashford continued. “On an issue that impacts all of us as directly as healthcare, we need to open up the process and seek input from the public and work together in a bipartisan approach and listen to Nebraskans to draft quality legislation that benefits the most good in providing affordable options to the people of Nebraska.”