Ashford: Republican tax plan is devastating to Nebraska families

November 16, 2017

Targeting the middle-class is just plain wrong

Omaha, NE – Brad Ashford released the following statement addressing Congressman Don Bacon’s vote for the Republican tax plan:

“Rather than looking out for the middle class and hardworking Nebraskans, Representative Bacon just voted for a tax plan that hikes taxes on the middle class in order to give excessive tax cuts to the ultra-wealthy and big corporations. This is wrong and not how we conduct ourselves in Nebraska,” Ashford said. “In my time in office, I didn’t look to slash Medicare, Medicaid, raise taxes on the middle class and explode the deficit. This vote exemplifies the fundamental difference between Bacon and me. While Bacon votes along party lines, regardless of the harm it will inflict on middle-class families, I fight to protect hardworking Nebraskans. The issue of who looks out for Nebraska will be front and center throughout this campaign, and I will stand on the right side of history.”   



New Poll: Trump and Bacon Underwater in Omaha, Suburbs

November 14, 2017

By Joe Jordan | November 14, 2017

Omaha, NE.—A new poll finds the GOP brand in and around Omaha  unpopular—numbers that arguably find Republican Congressman Don Bacon facing an uphill struggle going into next year’s re-election.

The poll, done by the left-leaning and sometimes questioned Public Policy Polling group, finds President Trump struggling in the 2nd Congressional District while Bacon is trailing former Congressman Brad Ashford by nine points—Ashford 49 percent to Bacon’s 40 percent. Those numbers mirror Bacon’s 48 percent unfavorable rating; 40 percent approve of the job Bacon is doing.

In 2016 Bacon beat then-Congressman Ashford by 3,400 votes (1.2 percent) in one of the country’s tightest races. The poll did not include—and doesn’t even mention— Kara Eastman, Ashford’s opponent in next May’s Democratic primary, and Eastman’s campaign isn’t happy.

While glad to hear “what we already know”— that Bacon can be beaten next year—Eastman spokesman Dave Pantos tells News Channel Nebraska that Democrats in DC are playing favorites.  “The House Majority PAC has failed to realize that there is a Democratic primary that takes place before the general election”, says Pantos. “Kara Eastman is running a grassroots campaign that is focused on giving the residents of the Nebraska Second a read choice for their next representative.”

The Bacon campaign has not been available for comment.

President Trump’s disapproval rating in the district is worse than Bacon’s. Fifty-four percent disapprove of the job Trump is doing, 42 percent approve. According to PPP, the poll done by automated telephone interviews has a 4.2 percent margin of error and surveyed 535 voters in the 2nd District on November 8 and 9.

Patriot Majority USA which bills itself as nonpartisan paid for the poll which also found Speaker of the House Paul Ryan with a 62 percent disapproval rating.

In addition the GOP tax plan came up short in the survey: 51 percent oppose it, 68 percent say it’s a tax cut for the wealthy and 65 percent say it will increase the deficit.



Ashford: GOP Tax Plan Again Shows Need for Bipartisan Agreement

November 2, 2017

Middle Class will lose out again 

Addressing the GOP Tax Plan, Brad Ashford continued his call for bipartisan agreement:

“When it comes to fighting for the middle class, we need to work together to maximize the benefit for Nebraskans who need it most,” Ashford said. “The dramatic reduction of the corporate tax and taxes on the ultra-wealthy will explode our deficit and adversely affect the middle class. While in Congress, I worked in a bipartisan fashion to target efforts where it was needed most. For corporate taxes we worked to have meaningful tax reform while working to repatriate funds back to America. What we have now is the train set to cascade off the tracks. It is becoming clearer every day that the direction of Washington now is a singular party line focus and Representative Bacon has no will to legislate for the middle class and stand his ground to party leadership. He should reject this plan and demand it go back to the drawing board.” 



Brad Ashford to Representative Bacon: Today is No Day to Scare the Middle Class

October 31, 2017

 We need to focus on a bipartisan tax plan the encourages opportunities for Middle Class

Brad Ashford called on Representative Bacon to put country before party and oppose any GOP tax plan that increases taxes on the middle class. “It’s Halloween and it appears trickle-down economics has risen from the dead,” Ashford said. “The alteration of the SALT deduction will harm families in our community. Our tax policy needs to be grounded in bipartisanship, so we can create a tax plan that focuses on the well being of working families and have corporate tax reform that will bring corporate resources home creating higher wage jobs here. This can be done without exploding the deficit. I am urging Representative Bacon to oppose any plan that alters the SALT deduction, caps 401(k) contributions or creates additional burdens on middle class families. There is no need to cut taxes on the wealthy to keep our current economic expansion going.”  



Ashford: Bacon’s Vote Will Raise Property Taxes

October 27, 2017

Elimination of SALT deduction adversely affects Nebraska’s 2nd District

 Omaha, NE – Brad Ashford took further exception to the recent vote by Representative Bacon and the inclusion of eliminating the SALT (State and Local Tax) deduction.

 “Listening to the people of Nebraska over the years, I’ve learned there is one thing that always tops the list of concerns here: property taxes,” Ashford said. “Congressman Bacon’s vote for the budget resolution that paves the way for elimination of the state and local tax deduction will result in higher taxes for Nebraskans.”

In 2015, with data provided by the nonpartisan GFOA (Government Finance Officers Association), 113,100 taxpayers in Nebraska’s Second District alone claimed an average of $12,484 SALT deduction on their federal tax returns. That is nearly $1.4 billion in lost tax deductions to the people of the district if the budget plan Representative Bacon voted for becomes law. Also, 87.9% of those SALT deductions in the district were by households earning less than $200 thousand per year. Link to the data HERE

“At a time when we should be working to continue to provide relief for homeowners here, my opponent has run off in the other direction,” Ashford continued. “The question for Representative Bacon now is extremely apparent, ‘Why are you supporting a new federal double property tax on people here?’”




Ashford Critical of Budget Vote by Representative Bacon: Only took under one year to change course

October 26, 2017

Omaha, NE – Brad Ashford was harshly critical of Representative Bacon’s vote on the budget reconciliation bill.

 “Just under a year ago, Bacon proclaimed that it was all “a lie1” that he would undermine Medicare,” Ashford stated. “With this recent vote, just a mere 360 days later, he has absolutely changed course. There is a complete difference between candidate Don and the one now voting in office. This budget takes dramatic aim at Medicare, slashing over 470 billion and the cuts to Medicaid are devastating to our state coming in at just over 1 trillion in reductions.”

 The budget reconciliation bill was passed on a strictly partisan vote with every Democrat in the House and 20 Republicans joining in opposition.

 “The fact this bill was passed, on a strictly partisan basis, greatly underscores the need to have individuals in Washington who are looking out for the best interests of everyday Nebraskans,” Ashford continued.  “It is absolutely clear that when representatives put party before country we end up hurting those most vulnerable, like our senior population. This is in stark contrast to my time in Washington and only furthers the call to change the landscape that exists now in the Capitol.”

1.       “Don Bacon on Democrats’ charges that he would undermine Social Security and Medicare: ‘It’s a lie’” – OWH, 11/1/2016 – Joseph Morton




VA Seeks Partnerships to Build and Improve Health-Care Facilities

October 19, 2017

Promises made, promises kept. Thank you to our incredible bipartisan team, community leaders, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and my tireless staff. The CHIP-IN Act was our concept, formed and developed with the help of some very generous #NE02 community leaders, including Mike Yanney, Mike McCarthy, and Walter Scott, and some very good colleagues in #Congress. This is what good lawmaking looks like. You work with everyone, no matter their political party or background, to improve the world one law at a time. #Omaha, and other communities, will receive the new VA Health Center it so desperately needs. #Veterans deserve the best possible care. I will never stop fighting for these brave Americans. I’m ready to go back to Washington to work for you!






Ashford announces John Cavanaugh as Senior Policy Advisor

October 14, 2017

Former Congressman will play intricate role in the campaign

Omaha, NE – Brad Ashford announced John Cavanaugh, former representative from Nebraska’s Second Congressional District, as his Senior Policy Advisor to the campaign.

“I welcome John in his role as senior policy advisor,” Ashford said. “His wealth of experience, at both the state and national level, is an invaluable asset as we move forward. John, like me, agrees that if we are going to change the way that Washington conducts business we have to work in a bipartisan fashion to solve the issues facing our nation. I look forward to his advice as we continue to build a winning campaign team.”



It’s Time to Rise! It’s Time to Organize! It’s Time to Win!

October 5, 2017


Cook Political Report has listed NE 2 as a toss up district!

September 28, 2017