August 9, 2017

Omaha, NE – Today, former Congressman, Brad Ashford, announced his decision to enter the race for Nebraska’s Second District.

Ashford stated, “In 2014, I was elected to serve Nebraska’s 2nd district in Congress. Despite the Congress being deeply divided and mired in shutdowns, I knew I could find common ground and make our community better through good governance. Bringing my experience from the Nebraska Unicameral, I brought our way of government to Washington, DC and as a result we were able to accomplish amazing things for our state and our country. We were able to bring a new, internationally vital, National Ebola Training and Education Center to Omaha; we passed federal law that will not only bring a new VA facility to Omaha, but will allow veterans across the country to benefit from these public-private facilities; and we were able secure funding for repairs for the runway at Offutt Air Force Base and make sure that the brave men and women of the 55th remain in Sarpy County and protecting our nation. I was recognized as the 4th most bipartisan member of Congress and I am proud of that recognition. Members of Congress represent every member of their community.”

“My work is not done.  I see people being hurt by their government and I watch as a partisan divide has torn at our nation when what is needed, more than ever, is leadership without vitriol. Congress has lost touch with the people that it is supposed to protect and represent. This inspires me to continue upon my progress during my time in Congress. These divisions must be healed, trust must be earned and we must get back to a time when we can be proud of our government.”

“After careful consideration and with the full support of my family, I have decided to once again seek Nebraska’s Second Congressional District seat. I look forward to open dialogue with all the people of our community and learning from you. I want to go back to work for you.”