August 28, 2017

It is time for Congressional Action

 Omaha, NE – Brad Ashford released the following statement about the need for Congressional action concerning DACA.

“The politics being played by the administration make it crystal clear that Congress must get back to work and pass comprehensive immigration reform,” Ashford said. “Otherwise Dreamers will always be subject to the whims of the executive branch. I support the existing DACA and oppose the efforts by the administration to repeal it. Its threatened repeal underlines the need for Congressional action, through immigration reform and providing pathways to citizenship to include Dreamers and other undocumented individuals. There is an amendment that will be offered by Representative Schiff (CA-28) that I fully support. The amendment calls for the prohibition of any funds that would be used for the deportation of individuals that fall under DACA. I will continue to make this call as it is the right thing to do for Dreamers and our community.”