August 9, 2017

Brad Ashford cited the new CBO report on the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 when describing it as the wrong direction for Nebraskans and Americans.

“What was promised was to help provide relief to everyday Americans and this certainly does not pass the test.  This takes us in the complete wrong direction. Higher premiums are forecast, less coverage for individuals, and the effects of the Act would devastate the 50% of nursing home residents who rely on Medicaid to pay their costs in our State. The most vulnerable among us, children, the elderly, and disabled individuals, would suffer the most harm.”

The Congressional Budget office released its scoring of the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 on Monday (June 26th). The scoring revealed that the Better Care Reconciliation Act would cause up to 15 million Americans to lose health care coverage by 2018 and up to 22 million to lose coverage by 2026.

“Until leadership in Washington comes together in a bipartisan fashion to address health care, we are going to continue to see alarming forecasts for Americans when it comes to how to pay for healthcare,” Ashford continued. “Now, more than ever, we need our leaders to legislate without regard to political party and to put the interests of Nebraskans and Americans at the forefront. We have spent 7 long years with vote after vote to repeal the ACA without a plan to replace it. We must fix the problems with the ACA. We are dealing with the healthcare of people across our Nation and we must rise up to the occasion to meet this challenge. This is what I have done throughout my legislative career and will continue to call upon others to do so until we can address an issue as large as healthcare with a thoughtful, pragmatic and people focused approach.”

Addendum: After Senate Leader McConnell announced there would be a delay on bringing the Better Care Reconciliation Act up for a vote Ashford added, “The delay to bring a vote to the Senate floor affirms that this bill is the wrong direction for Americans. Hopefully we are finally to a point where we can work a bipartisan solution to healthcare reform that will benefit Americans.”