October 31, 2017

 We need to focus on a bipartisan tax plan the encourages opportunities for Middle Class

Brad Ashford called on Representative Bacon to put country before party and oppose any GOP tax plan that increases taxes on the middle class. “It’s Halloween and it appears trickle-down economics has risen from the dead,” Ashford said. “The alteration of the SALT deduction will harm families in our community. Our tax policy needs to be grounded in bipartisanship, so we can create a tax plan that focuses on the well being of working families and have corporate tax reform that will bring corporate resources home creating higher wage jobs here. This can be done without exploding the deficit. I am urging Representative Bacon to oppose any plan that alters the SALT deduction, caps 401(k) contributions or creates additional burdens on middle class families. There is no need to cut taxes on the wealthy to keep our current economic expansion going.”