February 15, 2018

Currently Congress is Paralyzed From Even Having a Discussion

Omaha, NE – Brad Ashford continued and expanded his call to create a Congressional office on gun violence to be developed that would oversee recommendations to Congress about how to deal with gun violence in America.

“We are way past time to begin having a discussion in Congress about dealing with gun violence, especially in our schools.” Ashford said. “We cannot continue to let interest groups, like the NRA, stifle a conversation that is owed to the safety of our children and communities. As a leader, for decades, on addressing the issue of gun violence we must take action. First, we need to create a Congressional office on gun violence that would work with law enforcement, community leaders, and our school systems to structure an approach to reducing gun violence. We should require a report, every 90 days, to be submitted to Congress with recommendations and solutions to alleviating gun violence. Second, it is imperative that we lift the ban on congressional firearms-related research. It is unconscionable that our legislators are not even allowed to conduct research about an epidemic that is striking at the very soul of our nation. Finally, we can accomplish this if we come together and face the reality that we owe to our communities safe schools for our children to attend and learn.”