November 2, 2017

Middle Class will lose out again 

Addressing the GOP Tax Plan, Brad Ashford continued his call for bipartisan agreement:

“When it comes to fighting for the middle class, we need to work together to maximize the benefit for Nebraskans who need it most,” Ashford said. “The dramatic reduction of the corporate tax and taxes on the ultra-wealthy will explode our deficit and adversely affect the middle class. While in Congress, I worked in a bipartisan fashion to target efforts where it was needed most. For corporate taxes we worked to have meaningful tax reform while working to repatriate funds back to America. What we have now is the train set to cascade off the tracks. It is becoming clearer every day that the direction of Washington now is a singular party line focus and Representative Bacon has no will to legislate for the middle class and stand his ground to party leadership. He should reject this plan and demand it go back to the drawing board.”