October 26, 2017

Omaha, NE – Brad Ashford was harshly critical of Representative Bacon’s vote on the budget reconciliation bill.

 “Just under a year ago, Bacon proclaimed that it was all “a lie1” that he would undermine Medicare,” Ashford stated. “With this recent vote, just a mere 360 days later, he has absolutely changed course. There is a complete difference between candidate Don and the one now voting in office. This budget takes dramatic aim at Medicare, slashing over 470 billion and the cuts to Medicaid are devastating to our state coming in at just over 1 trillion in reductions.”

 The budget reconciliation bill was passed on a strictly partisan vote with every Democrat in the House and 20 Republicans joining in opposition.

 “The fact this bill was passed, on a strictly partisan basis, greatly underscores the need to have individuals in Washington who are looking out for the best interests of everyday Nebraskans,” Ashford continued.  “It is absolutely clear that when representatives put party before country we end up hurting those most vulnerable, like our senior population. This is in stark contrast to my time in Washington and only furthers the call to change the landscape that exists now in the Capitol.”

1.       “Don Bacon on Democrats’ charges that he would undermine Social Security and Medicare: ‘It’s a lie’” – OWH, 11/1/2016 – Joseph Morton