January 31, 2018

Support from all Corners is Key to Victory

Omaha, NE – Brad Ashford’s campaign filed their end of year financial report for the campaign today.   

“We are very pleased with the progress of our campaign to date and are putting together the coalition to be competitive to win in May and November,” said Jim Rogers, Ashford’s campaign manager. “Our breadth of support spans across the district and from each congressional district in Nebraska. We view this as a significant sign that Nebraskans are ready for change in Washington and looking for leadership that reflects a style people here expect from our elected officials.”

The report is filed with the Federal Election Commission and can be viewed HERE


  • Current totals for the year-end report:
    • $318,217.47 raised through year-end
    • $209,933.07 cash on hand at year-end
    • Over 1,000 unique donors to the campaign