August 8, 2017


Omaha, NE – Brad Ashford took direct aim at Representative Don Bacon and his lack of action surrounding a recent
announcement by Japan to increase trade tariffs on frozen beef from the United States from 38.5% to 50%.

“Congress has taken no leadership on this issue, and Nebraska’s economy will suffer as a result,” Ashford stated. “The recent announcement by Japan will have a big economic impact across our number one industry in the state. We need to look at avenues to support our agriculture, business and labor communities while providing robust avenues to grow our markets and local economies.”

Ashford made the announcement with the recent news of Japan having triggered trade tariffs that will increase from 38.5% to 50% on frozen beef imports. Nebraska’s share of the nearly 1.5 billion dollar beef export business tallies over 316 million dollars to the local economy. Further reports of Nebraska’s economy at the bottom of all 50 states compounds the pressing issue.

“While serving in Congress, I made every effort to open markets to our exports,” Ashford continued. “Currently we are receiving nothing but empty rhetoric from our Representative here. We need to impress upon the Administration that
our local producers need a pathway to increase our ability to capture market share on the global scale. Nebraska’s economy cannot wait on action. As I have continuously stated, a bipartisan approach, to increase our market share and
negotiate options that benefit all sectors of economy is needed now, more than ever.”