August 18, 2016

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Dear Speaker Ryan,

I understand you will be in Omaha this morning – welcome! I want to see if you have a few minutes to meet in person to discuss critical issues facing my community.

My top priority in Congress has been working to make sure our veterans get the care they have earned. We are making great progress towards a new medical facility with a public-private partnership. Our community is extraordinarily generous and is ready to step up to partner with the federal government to get this done. The Ashford-Fischer bill has strong bipartisan support and I hope you will sign-on.

I would like to encourage you, again, to call Congress back to Washington to address serious threats facing our nation. We must not let up in the fight against ISIS; we must destroy them. Congress should demonstrate it’s commitment to destroying ISIS by passing an authorization for use of force right away. We must also fund live-saving research in the fight against Zika. If you are interested, I am happy to set up meetings with you and world-renowned infectious disease researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

We don’t have time to waste on these important issues for the Second District and for our country. We must put the security of our families and well-being of our veterans ahead of partisanship and political fundraising.

Please call me at (402) 315-1013 if you are willing to meet during your visit to Nebraska.

Thank you!